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This week I realized that I had an addiction to Tetris (on my iPhone). I’ve had Tetris on my iPhone for years, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I had to play each and every day. The past few years I would play a few games every once in awhile and try to break a million points. You’d think once you finally break a million, you won’t need to play the game anymore. However, that wasn’t the case. Once I finally broke a million I quickly found out I needed to do it again.

It got to the point where anytime I had a free minute I would be playing Tetris. And that free minute would easily become 30 or more minutes. At work, watching TV, in my bed. These are all acceptable places to play iPhone games. It wasn’t until two nights ago when I was driving home from somewhere and thought, I’ve driven this road many times, I could totally play right now. I didn’t end up playing while driving, because I’m not an idiot, but just having the idea of playing Tetris while driving scared me. So, I played one last game in my bed that night before finally saying RIP to Tetris on my iPhone.

I still have Tetris on my iPad, plus the only game I have for my Pokémon Game Boy Color (which I stole from my friend’s little brother back in High School) is Tetris. This definitely isn’t the end of Tetris for me, but I will try to keep it off my iPhone for as long as I can (that can be a few months, days, I may even download it back on my phone later today).

This is how it goes with most iPhone games and me. I download a game, play it for a while until I get super addicted and then finally delete it because it’s ruining my life. Another game I had to delete was Crossy Road.

I once saw my nephew playing Crossy Road, so I decided I should download it and beat his high score. Crossy Road is just a boxy Frogger. I don’t know how these people got away with it, but they literally got frogger and drew boxes over everything, and now they have millions of dollar for it. The only difference between Crossy Road and Frogger is that you don’t have to be the one character every time. The more you play the more characters, icons and costumes you unlock.

I remember the day I got rid of Crossy Road, I was playing over and over and I kept dying with low scores. I finally died and looked up at the real world for the first time in what felt like hours, but was probably only a few minutes. When I looked up the world looked distorted and I thought, I have enough vision problems, so I instantly deleted Crossy Road.

Maybe I should have been an architect, because I love Tetris (it’s basically the same thing).

If you find yourself addicted to a game or app on your iPhone just delete it and see how much better your life will become. Ever since deleting Facebook and Facebook Messenger from my iPhone back in February I still haven’t re-downloaded them and my life is 100 times better for it.

Summer Vacation

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[Warning: This week’s learning will be a short one, because I’m on vacation…]

This past week I’ve been in Siesta Key on vacation, like every summer of my life. I love coming here and spending the week at the beach, under a tent, hiding from the sun. I’m not excited to leave Saturday and go back to the real world, but I am excited for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child midnight release party on Saturday night. And to finally sleep in my bed past 8 AM on Sunday morning.

What I learned this week is that I’ve come to Siesta Key for at least one week each summer, for the past 30 years, minus one or two years. That means I’ve lived in Siesta Key for about 28 weeks of my life, which is over half a year (because 52 weeks is a full year).

By now, I should be a resident of Siesta Key.

I should have a dual citizenship (Key Biscayne and Siesta Key).

I should have two voter’s registrations — one in Siesta Key, and one in Miami-Dade (that’s assuming I am already registered to vote in Miami-Dade County, which I’m about 36% sure I am).

I’ve lived in Siesta Key for the same amount of time that I lived in New York — 6 months.

When I’m old and rich I will move to Siesta Key and I will die in Siesta Key — That’s all…

I am a Mutant



Lil’ Wayne says he’s a Martian, but I think he is actually a black robot. This week I learned that I am a Mutant, actually we all may be mutants (even Lil’ Wayne). I know for sure that I have Wolverine’s power and I’m pretty sure other people do too (healing power, not the stabbing people with your bones/metal skeleton).

The other day I burnt my finger taking some cornbread out of the oven. I had a burn mark for a few days, until my skin fell off and then I had an open wound. I covered it up with a band-aid for a few days, and now it is closed with a small scar, but I’m sure the scar will be gone soon.

I’m not sure if I can come back from a bullet to the head like Wolverine, and I don’t think I am willing to find out. Even if I do possess that power, I know it is still painful to get shot.

Think of how many times you have cut yourself. I’m sure some of the bad ones have left scars, but for the most part your skin went back to normal. Now, I am no scientist (What’s up, Scientist!), so I believe that there is no reasonable explanation for our bodies self healing factor, and that we are mutants (also, it’s way cooler to think that I’m a mutant).

Maybe this has to do with all the comic books I’ve been reading since I went to Super Con with my buddy, Worms. Maybe it’s all this nerd/geek stuff I’ve been doing lately. I hope I am able to discover some other mutant powers soon (Maybe one that’s more Bad Ass). If I do “learn” of some new powers I will definitely talk about them here.

Till then, stay clean and stay cool my humans (or mutants?).