I am a Mutant



Lil’ Wayne says he’s a Martian, but I think he is actually a black robot. This week I learned that I am a Mutant, actually we all may be mutants (even Lil’ Wayne). I know for sure that I have Wolverine’s power and I’m pretty sure other people do too (healing power, not the stabbing people with your bones/metal skeleton).

The other day I burnt my finger taking some cornbread out of the oven. I had a burn mark for a few days, until my skin fell off and then I had an open wound. I covered it up with a band-aid for a few days, and now it is closed with a small scar, but I’m sure the scar will be gone soon.

I’m not sure if I can come back from a bullet to the head like Wolverine, and I don’t think I am willing to find out. Even if I do possess that power, I know it is still painful to get shot.

Think of how many times you have cut yourself. I’m sure some of the bad ones have left scars, but for the most part your skin went back to normal. Now, I am no scientist (What’s up, Scientist!), so I believe that there is no reasonable explanation for our bodies self healing factor, and that we are mutants (also, it’s way cooler to think that I’m a mutant).

Maybe this has to do with all the comic books I’ve been reading since I went to Super Con with my buddy, Worms. Maybe it’s all this nerd/geek stuff I’ve been doing lately. I hope I am able to discover some other mutant powers soon (Maybe one that’s more Bad Ass). If I do “learn” of some new powers I will definitely talk about them here.

Till then, stay clean and stay cool my humans (or mutants?).

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