Smoking on Planes

There was a time when people were allowed to smoke cigarettes on airplanes — and they actually did it! Like all of the time. I think about this every few months and it still freaks me out.

I was on a plane a few years back (pre-COVID, but still not too long ago) and the arm rests still had ash trays built into them. They just happened to be glued shut.


In the year 1990 smoking on aircrafts (to and from the US) was mostly prohibited. Pilots were still allowed to smoke in the cockpit. It wasn’t until Bill Clinton signed the Aviation Investment and Reform Act in the year 2000 that smoking on planes was completely banned. Some countries kept smoking on planes around until 2016 or later.


Imagine being on a plane today and witnessing another passenger pull out a lighter or match and lighting up a cigarette. That person would be tackled so fast just for pulling that thing out, and rightfully so. Planes are smelly enough as is, they don’t need the help of someone smoking a cigarette.


There was also a time, not too long ago when you’d be asked this simple question at a restaurant, “Smoking or Non-Smoking?” Meaning, do you want to sit in the clean part or the nasty part of this fine establishment? And on a busy night with no reservation the “Smoking” section was where you’d end up.

When I was in college people would smoke cigarettes in bars. Today, I can wear the same pair of jeans for weeks visiting different bars and restaurants. Back then, if I wore my jeans to a smokey bar they’d be in the hamper that night and washed the next day. Plus, I’d have to shower before going to bed.

Hotels used to have “Smoking and Non-Smoking” rooms, and I’m pretty sure many of them still do. Some unknowingly, “Would you like to stay in a room that smells like we cleaned it or one that smells like we didn’t even have enough time to change the sheets?”

Thanks to my grandmother I’ve never been a fan of cigarettes. I’ve never tried one and I plan to never try one. I loved my grandma, but I hated the smell of her smoking in our house when she would come over. Luckily, she stopped smoking early on in my life.

Whenever I find someone who still smokes cigarettes it’s like I’m meeting a strange time traveler. Of course, everyone switched over to e-cigs and vapes by now. Years later, we’ll find out that everyone is getting some sort of computer virus in their bodies thanks to all the e-smoking.

Couples Learning


This week I learned a valuable lesson about single people and their non-single friends. This learning is based upon the ‘circle of friendship’ (is that a thing or did i just make that up? Let’s just pretend it is a thing and I won’t mention it ever again). 

I have been a lone wolf for a good portion of my life, but I do have a whole buttload of friends, (according to the Facebook) some single and some not so single. What I learned this week is the rules of being the “third wheel” (the single friend of the non-single friends: sometimes referred to as a couple). 

Sometimes it’s fine to be the “third wheel,” but other times it’s not cool. Some couples want the “third wheel” around, while others just keep thinking when is this idiot going to leave us alone? So, when is it cool to be the “third wheel,” turning a couple into a tricycle? 

It’s all good if you’re single to hang out with couples who have been dating for a while (there is no specific time measurement, because each couple is different). For some couples a while may be three days or one month, for others it may be years. Some couples may never want to have friends again (they usually move away to a new location and start a new life).

Sometimes you know when a couple is ready for a “third wheel,” because they are already sick of each other. In these cases the “third wheel” may be the glue holding the relationship together (as long as the “third wheel” is around there will be no fighting). You can tell this is the case if the couple is begging you to join them. Another warning sign is when the couple doesn’t talk to each other, but instead they both talk to the “third wheel” (this is a bad sign, and a horrible place to be for the “third wheeler”). 

Some couples are not ready for the “third wheel.” This is often the case with new or young couples, especially when they are super in love and can’t keep their hands off of each other (but what single person wants to be around that?). These people only want to be around each other, and even if you hang out with one of them alone they keep talking about how awesome the other person is. Later on, they will probably be complaining about how annoying the other is.

There is a third group. This group is made up of couples that love each other, but also love their friends. They are a strange group of people, but my favorite. These are the kinds of non-single people I enjoy being around. These people only suck when you have two tickets to see Dave Chappelle, and you want to take your best friend, but his wife won’t let him go without her, but then you still go and have an awesome time, so whatever… Other than that one specific example, I like these people all the time.