The Internet Hates Me!

This past week, I was working on a brand new learning all about my newfound love for Machine Gun Kelly. It all started just a few short months ago and I even had the chance to see him in concert, but you’ll have to wait for all of that until some time next week or possibly later.

Yesterday, I was pretty much done with my MGK learning when I learned something unexpected — THE INTERNET HATES ME!

Now, when I say “THE INTERNET HATES ME,” I’m not talking about that angry group on the internet that attacks every single social media post with racist rants (they hate everyone).

I’m talking about the internet itself. Like that robot in the corner of your room that allows us all to communicate with anyone, anywhere, all the time.

Work Days

Most of my work days are kind of unstructured, unless I’m working on some sort of multi-day project. I usually just figure out what needs to get done and I try to finish that on that day. Usually that works out ok, and I stay up late at night working on my side projects: Ferdi’s Learnings, myVGBC, and other stuff.

This week, I planned on working on my MGK learning on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but stuff got in the way. I was too tired, or I had something else to do.

Yesterday, I finished my work early so I decided to get my MGK post early so that I could work on other stuff at night. I was pretty much done setting up my post when I realized that the post was Autosaving and had been for quite some time. I then noticed the internet was not working that well.

I restarted it, and still couldn’t save my entire post. Half of it was good to go, the other half went missing. This all happened because I made a plan.

In the past year, any time I try to tell myself “I can do this between these two or three hours, so that I can work on that later on,” the internet craps out on me mid-project and I instead spend that time trying to fix the internet.

I guess I should just continue to wing it every day and stay up late working on my other stuff when I have the time. I’m trying to get better at planning everything out to release more content each week, but I’m sorry that the internet hates me and won’t let me give you more.

If you wish you have more learnings and video game stuff to read and watch, blame it on the internet…

I am not a Robot… }o; I think

There’s one main reason why I prefer using my MacBook Pro over my PC for most of my “internet surfing.” People still call it surfin’ the internet, right?

Anytime I buy something or create a username for any website I come across a CAPTCHA quiz where my computer gets to decide whether or not I am a human. What’s with all of the pop quizzes, internet?

Old School Time Vortex of Words Captcha

These quizzes used to consist of strange combinations of letters and numbers that have passed through some wild time vortex. Those were easier than the visual ones of today. Anytime I am forced to choose which boxes contain [the secret item of the day] I’m only about 50% sure I’m right.

Is the pole part of the traffic light? Do jetskis count as boats? Is a boat still a boat if it’s on a trailer and not in the water? If most humans wouldn’t eat it, is it still considered food?

I didn’t know I had to go through an existential crisis to sign up for Bed, Bath and Beyond’s email list, or to buy concert tickets. Why are all of these robots wasting their time buying concert tickets and joining mailing lists? Who programmed them to do this?

They also never flat out tell you when you’re wrong, instead they move on to a new word. Maybe you’re just a dumb dumb, try again to convince me you are not a robot.

Why MacBook over PC:

Back to my main point: On my PC I have to actually choose which pictures are boats, roads, crosswalks or whatever they’re asking for. My MacBook (most of the time) assumes it’s still me and not a robot hijacking my Mac. So, it rarely goes into the guessing game. Instead I check the box I am not a robot (checkmark), and I continue with my purchase or whatever it is I’m doing.

So, although Macs are more expensive than your normal everyday PC, it’s definitely worth paying that extra money, just because your MacBook will remember that you are not a robot. If you don’t mind your computer accusing you of being a robot time and time again, then go ahead and get that DELL (or HP, or whatever Windows PC).



FL title

I’m a bit late on this, but I’m glad Facebook added reaction emojis to their repertoire. We’ve moved a long way from only being able to “Like,” “Comment” or “Share.” Now we can “Like” “Love” “Haha” “Wow” “Sad” “Angry” and “Comment” or “Share.” And that’s an extra-large leap forward, but there is still a great deal missing.



There have been many times in the past (pre-reaction buttons) and lately (post-reaction buttons) where I’ve seen people post or share sad stories on Facebook. It happens every day. Many times these stores are too sad for the “sad” reaction emoji.

We need some “I feel yous,” or maybe a Justin Bieber “I’m sowry,” and even some “that sucks man.” There are so many emojis out there, that Facebook can even add a “Make Your Own Reaction,” where you pick an emoji and write a one word explanation for it. If this was a thing we would definitely see a lot of “poop” on Facebook.


It’s already awkward when someone posts, “My cat just died…” with a picture of their dead cat (hopefully a before death picture. However, if someone posted a living or dead cat picture you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference because cats don’t do anything, ever). You don’t want to make it more awkward by “Liking” that dead cat photo. So, what do you do? “Sad,” “Angry?”

I enjoy giving people “sad” or “angry” reactions to posts that don’t deserve it. This really confuses them and they begin to wonder how they’ve offended me. If I did this to you then you probably didn’t offend me, I was just messing with you (because that’s what the internet is for).

Twitter and Instagram need to step it up with reactions and emojis. Facebook is way ahead of the curve, but still behind in the world as I said earlier. Maybe I’m the one who’s behind in the world, because I’m writing yet another learning about Facebook.

We waste so much time on Facebook, but now I’m wasting extra time, writing an article about wasting time on Facebook, which I will later share on Facebook so you people will read it. Thus, wasting your time while you sit around and read this article not really learning anything. So, I guess it’s all just a big time-wasting circle jerk. But isn’t that what life is? Just finding new ways to waste time? Anyways, get back to work and go be productive.

See you next time.


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