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This week I learned that anyone can comment on my FerdingsLearnings WordPress posts, well anyone with a WordPress login, but trust me that pretty much means anyone. There’s no screening process here on WordPress. I have 3 or 4 different WordPress blogs and I don’t even know the login info for two of them. So basically, anyone in the world can comment on these posts.

I actually learned about the commenting thing a while back, like when I started writing these and first received a comment. Something else I figured out at the time was that I have all the power. I am the god of my own WordPress. You can comment all you want, but I have to approve your comment before anyone else can read it.

I usually do approve comments once I see them. They are usually from people I know saying things like, “Keep up the good work man!” “Wow, these are soooo cool and awesome!” and “So True! So True!” among other stuff.

There was one comment that I did not approve when first reading it a few months ago (I actually approved it last week, but there’s a twist. Wait for it!).

Someone had written a very negative comment about a post I made over a year ago about Racism on Elysium.

Side Note: If you go back and read it you may notice that I called out Jodie Foster for bad acting, but I was just being a jerk. She may have been not that good in Elysium, but she has been amazing in everything else I’ve seen her in. So, when re-reading about Racism on Elysium, please disregard my mean comments on Jodie Foster, she is an American Legend and I totally admire, respect and love her.

So I took this guy’s angry comment and finally approved it last week. (See angry comment below)

FL Old Comment

The thing is (here comes the twist!), before approving it I found out that I can edit any comment that is written on my page. So, instead of posting the comment as you see it above I edited it to what you see below.

FL New Comment

Now people will read that this person loved my post about Racism on Elysium, instead of reading that I’m a racist jerk, from a guy who calls me a Mexican a bunch of times. I was born in the USA, plus I have never been to Mexico, plus my parents are Cuban.

With so many angry people all over the internet it’s nice to know that we can change that on WordPress just by editing our angry comments or burying them deep within WordPress purgatory, never to be approved.

Now, that you know of all my WordPress power you can write a comment below. Call me racist, or an idiot or a racist idiot. Say whatever you want, and don’t worry, I’ll edit it to say what you really meant.

Was it dumb of me to change the comment, making it positive and then telling everyone about it? Who knows, but it’s funny to me that I can do it. So, as I said above, hit me with your best shot.

Now, I leave you with this, to celebrate the #USMNT win in the #CopaAmerica and also to celebrate the fact that I was Born in the USA!



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