“Lost Learnings” Coming soon…


FL title

A few weeks ago I found a book. A small note book. On the cover of this book are the words, “The Book.” Where did this book come from? I’ll tell you.

Back in High School, or probably College, I bought this tiny, fat notebook at an Office Depot. I began writing what I thought were going to one day become jokes, but they ended up being mostly joke titles for my future comedy album. Some titles were accompanied by a few meaningless bullet points to “explain” the premise. Reading through most of these I realized either (a) I have no idea what I was talking about anymore, or (b) I never had any idea what I was talking about when I wrote some of these. There are some that make a little sense to me. Others can be workshopped or made better.

Some of these are things I believe, things I’ve talked about to people in the past. Others are things I don’t really care for, but I thought might be funny so I wrote them down anyways. Some are rude and racist, and others are stupid and pointless. But I’m sure about 60% of these can be made into funny posts, somehow.

This notebook was filled out before I ever had an iPhone, because once I got an iPhone “Notes” took over for this book. Luckily, I filled it out completely before the iPhone was ever invented. So, now I have this whole book to go through, and once I’m done maybe I’ll go through my “Notes.” Why would I carry a fat notebook in my pocket all day, when I could just write anything on my iPhone and even send it to the internet for everyone to see instantly. Notebooks get lost, the internet is everywhere!

So, why am I telling you about this notebook? I’m going to start a second type of blog post called “Lost Learnings” which will consist of me reading everything on one page from the book (which will only take about < 1 minute) and trying to decipher some meaning behind what I read.

Ideally, I would like to do these “Lost Learnings” sometime during the beginning of the week and my “Original Learnings” on Fridays, like I’ve been doing.

I guess today’s Learning doesn’t really count as a “Learning,” but rather more of a “Finding,” since I found my lost notebook. (“Ferdi’s Findings” sounds cooler than “Ferdi’s Learnings” right? Oh well, too late. The blog, twitter, facebook page and everything else have already been named…)

So, since I didn’t really teach you anything, here’s my first stand-up special again from a few

years ago, in case you missed it. Look how stupid my hair looks! (Also, just trying to get some more video views).

Thanks, see you next week. Hopefully in the beginning of the week with a “Lost Learning.”

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