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I have friends who are on their phone about 90% of their day. They are constantly searching for a spot to charge their phone, because no matter how many times they’ve already charged it today, their phone is always about to die. They keep their phones at 0%, 100% of the time, because their face is constantly glued to it.

It annoys me when friends do this while hanging out with me or a group of us. It’s like, “Why are you even here? You can sit in your room and look at IMGUR, Reddit or whatever it is you’re doing, do it on your own time. Just don’t pull this crap on my time!”

It’s also like, “Guess who just called? The world. And you missed that call because you were too busy staring at a screen, but guess what? The world will call back, because it’s always calling, and you’re keeping it on hold. So, why don’t you just answer next time.” You know what I mean?

I too become obsessed with my phone, when I’m by myself. When I’m walking around town, picking up food, even driving in my car — which I know is very bad. I’ve seen the commercials of what could happen, I even made a horrible video, when I learned how to use a green screen in Ad School.

I guess I have the same problem as the ones who annoy me, just when nobody is around. My biggest problem is the Facebook iPhone app. I unlock my phone and my thumb jumps straight to opening the Facebook app — even when Facebook is already opened on my computer or my iPad right in front of me. It’s become a muscle memory.

This is why for Lent, I decided to give up two things. The first is using my phone while driving. I have been putting it away in the center console once I bluetooth my phone to the car. I get my podcast or music going, then I put my phone away and drive. I can now actually recall how I arrived at a place. I enjoy what I’m listening to. And I don’t almost get into multiple accidents every time I drive.

The second thing I gave up was Facebook — on my iPhone. I’m not addicted to Facebook, but it annoys me how I go on there when I have nothing to do on my phone. I’m better off playing Angry Birds, Hearthstone or reading articles and actually learning something — instead of reading Melanie’s* post on why she hates Donald Trump.

I deleted Facebook from my phone — including Facebook messenger. I deleted both the day before Ash Wednesday, because the Today show said that those two apps are what kill your phone battery. And it’s true. After just one day my phone had over 50% battery by the end of the day, and that never happens. After this I thought, Hey, I should give up Facebook on my phone for LENT, or all together.

I still check it on my computer, on my iPad at night, and if I really have to I can log on through Safari on my phone and it won’t murder my battery.

These two things have made my life better. I don’t get stupid notifications to my phone about Melanie** ‘liking’ my post. Or ‘[YOUR FRIEND] liked a picture of [NOT YOUR FRIEND]’, if I don’t know someone why are you telling me about it? Instead I now just get Twitter notifications about the Bachelor and who he’s going to choose tonight. You write one #TheBachelorSucks tweet and it haunts you forever.

I also don’t have to deal with Facebook trying to turn me into a stalker. “[YOUR FRIEND] is eating lunch two feet away from you. Maybe you should say hi!” Remember when they would send you those to your phone? It was always someone that you wouldn’t want to say hi too. It was more of a “Thanks Facebook, now I can avoid this person and leave through this back alley.”

So, try deleting Facebook’s multiple apps from your phone and watch how it improves the quality of life for both you and your phone. Also, pay attention to your friends when you’re with them. You never know how long you’ll have them around — you can get hit by a bus crossing the street as you stare at your phone, tomorrow.


*Melanie is a fictional character. I didn’t know who of my friends to choose for this part because everyone of them hates Donald Trump. So, I made one up.

**Same fake Melanie as before.

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