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I’ve been writing these things for some time now, and I don’t really know how many people are actually reading them. Facebook tells me that my posts reach anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand people, but that’s just people seeing the post I share, and what I learned from my job in advertising is that only about 1% of those people actually click on what you’re sharing.

I came up with a test. If you actually clicked on the link from Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else and proceeded to read this thing, “Like” the article. This way I can see how many people actually read this. Remember, this is a science experiment, and I don’t think it tells me who likes each post. I won’t know who liked it. I’ll only know that a person liked it, if that makes you sad then you can always write in the comments. Maybe something like, “I liked this.”

That’s all I have for today, it’s Memorial day and I got stuff to do, and by stuff I mean nothing. I got nothing to do. Watch some Netflix, play some games, do some work before tomorrow morning.

A few people have told me they love the Learnings. So, from those “real life reviews” I would say about 4 to 5 people are actually reading all or most of these. That’s pretty cool, but I’m trying to find out if there’s more. If I have a good amount of readers maybe I should start posting more, maybe a learning a week but also something else. I’m trying to change the world here with these learnings, so keep reading.

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