Racism on Elysium


About two weeks ago I saw Elysium and it was awesome. However, I forgot to tell y’all what I learned. Watching Elysium, I learned that it was a racist movie, or a racist planet or space station or whatever you want to call it.

Sure the movie was full of action, sweet special effects and Matt Damon, but it was still kind of racist. How was it racist you ask? Well, let me tell you. Everyone who lived on Elysium was white (and had money), while all the Mexicans (and other South Americans, but mainly Mexicans because I believe the Earth part of the movie took place in East LA) were stuck here on Earth.

I still would recommend seeing this movie. Especially if you like watching people blow up in movies (because that happens quite a lot). I guess sometimes racism isn’t really a bad thing, because this movie (although a bit racist) still was very entertaining to see.

There was one thing I hated about this movie, and it wasn’t the racist-ness. Jodie Foster was the worst human ever. Not her character, but her, because of her bad acting. Usually Jodie Foster is pretty good in movies, but she tried to put on this French/English/Elysium accent which wasn’t working. Just talk in your normal voice Jodie and everything will be alright.

I still think you should watch this movie, if you haven’t already. Jodie Foster isn’t in the movie enough to ruin the whole movie, just the scenes she is in, where she talks. For the record, I would never go live on Elysium, I would totally stay on Earth.

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