The Death of SC’n’A


This week I learned about the extinction of a group of Super Cool ‘n’ Awesome people, the SC’n’A (Super Cool ‘n’ Awesome) group.
In this sad time I do have some good news. The Ferding’s Learnings page will Rize (like the Fenix) from the ashes of the SC’n’A group (because knowledge is power).
I was sad to learn SC’n’A would be no more, but I was talking to Master Wallace (the creator/bossman of SC’n’A) and he told me “ain’t nobody got time fo dat!” (Nobody but me at least…)
Learning is very important (as Chris Ashton Kutcher told us this past weekend at the Kids Choice Awards). Being sexy is all about being smart, and learning is how we become smart. Therefore, I am going to continue writing down what I learn each week and share it with you, to help all of you stay or become sexy (if anyone is even reading this stuff).
So, I hope you’re all ready to learn some new stuff with me on this journey we call LIFE.
Till next week, stay clean, stay cool, stay in school (unless you graduated already, then you are free to do what you want).

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