Perm Week


This week I learned that it was Perm Week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. If you don’t know this already, I am a huge fan of James Tiberius Fallon and everybody at the LNJF show. Jimmy Fallon is the reason I know what Perms are. It was a few years ago when Perm week started that I realized “Oh, that’s what a Perm is!”

Perms are awesome, and we should bring them back. However, the Perm is not the all star of Perm week. The all star is the Perm Week song, sung by the great Tuba Gooding Jr. (of the Roots).

Now, I feel like I should have Permed my hair before cutting it (is that how you say it? Permed my hair?) Getting a perm would have been totally awesome. People tell me they like my new haircut, but I’m sure if I had a perm even strangers would compliment my sweet hairdo*.

*side learning: I just learned that hairdo is one word, using google. I was guessing it was either hair due or hair do, but I never thought it would be one word. That’s crazy. I guess I have never had to write that before.

This video is of the final perm of the week. Watch it to hear the official Perm Week song, but keep watching. I think Day 5 was the best Perm of the week (and so did JFalz).

Also check this out, the highlight of this week on LNJF. Jesse and the Rippers Reunite… What???

I hope you enjoyed Perm Week. You should probably look up the other Perm Week videos. Even the ones from last year. Enjoy your weekend, or whatever.

P.S. Google Rocks, Bing does not..

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