Fake Learning

ferdings learnings

This week I learned nothing, because I am on vacation and my brain is turned off. I have been reading a lot though on the beach. So I guess I learned a little. I read a book about a Steven Callahan, who was lost at sea for 76 days (the book is called ADRIFT). I learned some ocean survival tactics and also that I would probably die out there after a few days. All the dude had to eat was fish, and guess what, I don’t like fish.

I finished that book in 4 days (all 237 pages). That was a new record for me (previous record: hunger games in 8 days).

Since I finished reading that I started reading ?uestlove’s (drummer from the roots) book. So far it’s a good story about his life and the music that got him to where he is now. Now I have a lot of new, old music to listen to.

Lastly, I found out that my homeboy, JFalz just had his first baby, Winnie Fallon. I can’t wait to one day meet this baby.

So I guess I did learn some stuff this week. Even with my brain set on off.

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