My First (Real) Futbol Match


This week I learned that Chelsea would be playing Manchester City at Yankee Stadium. Actually, I learned this a while back, but I checked ticket prices and they were well over $100. When we saw that we decided we would not be going to the game.

What I actually learned this week, is that Stub Hub had some $50 tickets in the 300 level. I quickly called Daldo (my roommate/BFFFF) to let him know that I was buying these tickets right now.

The game is Saturday (the day this will be posted, so I wrote this before going to the game). I am very excited because this is my first futbol game (first real futbol game). Last year we went to a NY Red Bulls game, which was fun but it’s not the real deal. The field is smaller and the goal is tiny (also, the ball may be child sized?). Now I know why the MLS is the “retirement league” for Euro futbol stars, (it’s like if LeBron waited until he was in his 30s to go play college basketball, but worse).

It wasn’t until going to the Red Bulls game that I became a huge Chelsea FC fan. It also made me a NY Red Bulls fan (the only team from NY that I will ever support).

My obsession with Chelsea started from choosing them in FIFA (because I like to say their name in a British accent). I didn’t start waking up early weekend mornings to watch their matches until after going to see the Red Bulls play. Now, I may even love Chelsea more than the Marlins (but it’s hard to love the Marlins right now, even though I still believe they will make it to the World Series).

Today is the big game. I hope to learn something there that I can share with you all next week (if not I’m sure I’ll learn something somewhere else).

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