Bye Bye Bill

bill hader

Warning: this Learning may not be as funny as the others, but it’s about something very important to me (I’ve attached some fun videos to keep you entertained).

This week I learned that Bill Hader will be leaving SNL after this season. I also learned that this saturday is the last show of the season. It’s so sad knowing that I may never see a new Stefon sketch again.


First, Kristen Wiig left, which was a very sad day at the end of last season. Now, Bill Hader is leaving, and yes this makes me sad, but there are still some awesome cast members left.

Whenever I see a headline about SNL being over, because Hader is out, I think “whoever wrote this is retarded!” Sure it sucks that Bill Hader is leaving, but it’s Lorne Michael’s job to find the best talent and put them on this show to entertain us week and week.

We still have some superstars left. We got every bodies favorite drunk uncle, Bobby Moynihan. The man who can imitate any black actor, Jay Pharoah, who also does a killer impression of Stewie (Family Guy). All That’s Pierre Escargot, Kenan Thompson, who plays a better Charles Barkley than Charles Barkley himself. Taran Killam, master impersonator of Piers Morgan.

We also have some great new additions. Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson and the girl you don’t want to have a conversation with at a party, Cecily Strong. Let’s not forget the amazing Kate McKinnon, who I believe is going to do some amazing stuff. Who doesn’t love Kate as Ellen?

I will definitely miss my dude Bill Hader, but I will continue to watch SNL until one of us dies. Thanks for all the great work, Bill, you EFFin’ Rocked our socks off!

Now watch these awesome sketches:

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