World Premiere

after earth

This week I learned the difference between a Movie Premiere and Sneak Peek. I thought I had been to plenty of movie premieres back home, but what I was actually attending were sneak peeks (not the same, but still kind of cool).

A sneak peek is when they just show you the movie before it comes out, for free. I thought that was as good as it gets (but just wait, it gets better). I have been to a great deal of sneak peeks in Miami. I saw Hot Tub Time Machine, the Adjustment Bureau, She’s Out of my League and some other movies. I almost got to see the sneak peek of Bad Boys II back in the day, with Caron Butler (CB4) when he played for the Heat.

How did I almost see Bad Boys II sneak peek? We were at the movies seeing Terminator 3 or 4 (whichever one came out around that time). We met Caron Butler before our movie, buying popcorn and treats. He walked into a secret theater, and I told my friend “that’s a secret movie.” It was Bad Boys II, the week before it came out. We could have snuck into that for a real “sneak peek” (you know what I’m sayin’) instead of watching the silly and outdated Terminator.

A movie premiere is much different than a sneak peek. For a movie premiere there is a red carpet, celebrities, paparazzi, dress code, seat fillers, and even free food and drink if you’re lucky.

We were lucky enough to get tickets as “seat fillers” for the World Premiere of After Earth the other day. What a treat. First, we were able to watch After Earth with Big Willie and Jaden Smith, along with all the other actors from the movie. The director, M. Night Shamylan was even there and spoke about the movie before it started. When we walked in there was all the free popcorn and soda you could grab (we snuck in some m&m’s: pretzel).

Usually, when the audience applauds during a movie, it is stupid because no one important can hear you (ex. the actors, director, producers…). For a movie premiere, with the actors and director present, the audience should get excited. That way they know that the audience enjoys the movie. I can’t wait to go to my next movie premiere or sneak peek. I just love FREE movies, but you already knew this.

PS.: Also, the movie After Earth was pretty sweet. It was a great Father & Son story, set in the future with plenty of action and special effects. Also, Happy Birthday Miss Lady (you know who you are, if you think this is for you but you’re not sure, it probably isn’t for you…)

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