ParaNorman, ParaFerdi, ParaZombie


This week I learned about the greatest website ever created, and also an awesome movie. I’m not talking about Iron Man 3 people, which was also an amazing movie as I mentioned last week. I’m talking about ParaNorman.

ParaNorman was a great film, but I want to talk about the amazing website they made just for this movie. The website is really fun and interactive. You can learn a bunch before even watching the movie. The coolest part is the Stop Motion Zombie Lab. That is what I really wanted to do when I first heard about the site.

The Zombie Lab is the greatest internet invention ever made, because you can animate your own Stop Motion Zombie Dance Videos (or any kind of stop motion zombie videos). I have already created a few, but I was not able to save my most successful one, so I will have to try again this week.

If you have not been on this site stop reading this and go now. You can play on there for hours, unless you’re stupid and don’t understand how awesome it is. I just wanted to let the world know about this site.

Also, the movie is on instant Netflix, which pretty much everyone and their grandmother has now. So, watch the movie and play with the site and that is all for this week. If you are my friend on the Facebook you may see a sweet ass Zombie Dance Stop Motion video in a few days.

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