My First Converse


I am twenty-seven years old (shit!), and I have never owned a pair of Converse.

Well, I had some D.Wade Converse, but those don’t count as Converse. So, I still have never owned a pair of real Converse, UNTIL NOW!

I wanted to get my nephew his first pair of baby Jordan’s. My sister said her child would never wear baby Jordan’s, EVER!

So, for Easter I gave my nephew his first pair of Converse. That was when I realized I never had my first pair of Converse. I was going to buy them when I was still in Miami, but I decided I would wait until I came to New York to start my new life, as a Converse kid (Also, they would have taken up more room in my suitcase).

I went to DSW the other day just to see what they had. There was about seven pairs of Converse. For some reason the blue ones were more on sale than the others. So, of course I tried them on. Five minutes later I walked out of DSW with my first pair of Converse, blue Converse.

I looked at them the next morning and thought, I’ve made a huge mistakeWalking around the city in shoes with no support for my feet? I thought I would definitely get injured wearing these all day. I did not to wear them on Monday.

I wore them to work on Tuesday. I walked a few extra blocks to the second closest subway stop, just to break them in. I was surprised when I realized how comfortable these shoes were, especially on my first day using them.

The only problem was that I don’t have skinny jeans (Last Halloween my costume included skinny white jeans, and skinny jeans are actually really comfortable). The problem with my jeans is that the foot holes are too big for Converse and end up dragging my jeans on the ground and tearing them up.

I will continue to wear my Converse, I just need to (1) get new jeans, or (2) wear them with shorts. Uniqlo had some $20 skinny leg jeans, maybe I will go try those on and see how they work with my Converse. For $20 it just might be worth it.

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