cone day

This week I learned two things, but we will get to them in a bit. Ben & Jerry’s FREE CONE DAY is my 3rd favorite holiday of the year, (after my Bday and Christmas, of course). I have been celebrating this holiday for 3 or 4 years now. I usually get my FREE CONE with Elizabeth, because she loves B&Js as much as I do and she is awesome!

I was excited that I would be able to celebrate FREE CONE DAY with Elizabeth once again, before leaving to New York. I was WRONG! Apparently, Ben and Jerry have the power to change holidays (Jesus also has this power, since we celebrate Jesus’ bday in December, instead of whatever day it really happened). FREE CONE DAY is usually on the first Tuesday of April, but this year B&J decided to move it to the second Tuesday. This is why I wasn’t able to go at home with Elizabeth.

I still enjoyed FREE CONE DAY with my Razorfish Finterns, but I was disappointed with the New York version of FREE CONE DAY. There was a huge line to get my cone, but it moved rather quickly. I expected there to be a line, so I was ok with this. I was extremely disappointed with the flavor choices. We were only allowed to choose from 5 or 6 flavors here, but in Miami I was able to get whatever flavor I wanted on my cone.

The flavors to choose from were: Vanilla, the most plain flavor of ice cream, which is fine on any day except for FREE CONE DAY. Liz Lemonade Greek FroGurt, which sounds like a cool flavor to try, but it’s not called FREE FROGURT DAY is it? Caramel Chunk, sounded nice and was my second choice. Candy Bar Pie, was crossed off the list, but for some reason I was still able to get it. Some kind of Strawberry or Raspberry, I don’t want healthy crap in my ice cream. If there were any other flavors available they were probably not any good, because I can’t remember them.

On FREE CONE DAY I like to get some Americone Dream, Late Night Snack or something new that I’ve never tried. The flavors I choose usually have at least three ingredients other than ice cream, if not it ain’t worth it. I’m glad I had some Americone Dream in the freezer at home, from the weekend. I was able to go for FREE CONE DAY Round 2! In the end, FREE CONE DAY was still a great success (although it wasn’t as great as the last two years).

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