B&J’s Loves Ferdi

ferdings learnings

This week I learned that Ben & Jerry’s loves me. I learned this because I was able to send the Ben & Jerry’s truck to a place in Miami, and I wasn’t even there. I also learned that some people are liars, but I will start with the B&J loving me first. After I’ll go into the thing about liars.

Why B&J’s loves me:

the Tweet

Earlier this week, the G-Unit asked me to tweet at the Ben & Jerry’s truck telling them to bring free ice cream to her at work (The G-Unit is my friend whom I will not name, but she is totally awesome, so I did what she asked).

I thought, sure I’ll tweet at them, but nothing is going to happen. WRONG! Something did happen. It only took about 5-10 minutes for Ben and Jerry’s Truck to answer. This is when I realized I AM AWESOME AT TWITTER. Later that day, I even told TG (another awesome friend of mine) that I AM REALLY GOOD AT TWITTER, which is totally true. When I tweet at someone, I get answers (about 36% of the time).

So, B&J’s answered me and said they would go to give the G-Unit and her co-workers some FREE Frogurt (Frozen Yogurt or FroYo or whatever you want to call it). The next day they went to give them FREE Frogurt at the time they said they would, and it was probably the best day ever for her and her whole office.

Why people are liars:

the instagram

The next day I saw something on the G-Unit’s company Instagram. They put some pictures together of all the fun they had during their FREE ICE CREAM party (thanks to me). However, they did not give me any credit.

They wrote “We tweeted, they listened…” which is not true, because they weren’t the ones who tweeted. I was the one who tweeted for them. It’s awesome that Ben & Jerry’s listened to me and went to give these people FREE Ice Cream. I don’t need a thanks for doing it, but it’s not cool to take credit for what someone else does for you. That’s messed up.

Also, I’m kind of jealous that I wasn’t there to get my FREE Ice Cream on.

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