Lost Learning


Last night was my first night going out in New York. We scored some FREE tickets to go see Phoenix in Brooklyn at 6pm (so it was already a good start to my time in the big apple city). After that we went to a nice looking bar, Barry Park. They had some good Germán beers, pretzels and FRICKLES (aka fried pickles! I don’t eat normal pickles, but I can pretty much eat anything fried or wrapped in bacon).

After that I went to meet up with some friends from school for dinner at a Latino place called Macondo. I had some rope vieja (old clothes) tacos, that were pretty amazing. We were given a FREE jug of wine infused with whiskey. It was a strange drink, but the experience of drinking out of this jug made it fun (it was like some funky Game of Thrones jug).


Next, I went to meet up with my friends who were here for a bachelorette party. They were at the Bowery Electric, a very small and crowded place in the Little East Side (aka LES, if you’re a cool New Yorker). This place was kind of like a long hallway, filled with too many people, that led to a tiny dance floor with a disco ball.

At this long tiny bar I learned something. I learned that I look like the guy from LOST. Which guy from LOST? I’m not sure, but according to some drunk person I look like “that dude from LOST.”

I was standing by the bar area, drinking my beer, and this drunken fool came up to me. He said, “Hey man, are you the dude from LOST?”

Now, I could have ruined his hopes and just said, “No sir, I am not the dude from LOST,” but that would be no fun. So instead, I made his night by saying, “Yes, I am that dude from LOST!”

He was so excited, “I knew it!” he screamed out and pumped his fist into the air, like he had just won a prize. I thought I had made his night, he has a story to tell his friends and family and this experience was over. WRONG! It wasn’t over. He still had some more questions to ask. “Dude, you must get laid all the time?”

“Yeah, I do.” I told him, which is not the truth at all, but like I said before, I didn’t want to let him down. After that I told him I was here to hang with some friends. He asked me if they were from LOST, (LOST ended years ago, man. I’m sure the cast has new friends) so I told him, “No. My friends are just normal humans like you.”

I wish I could have learned which character from LOST I look like. My guess would have been Hurley (he must have not seen Hurley on Californication this season, because he is still well over 300 pounds). I learned what it feels like to be a famous person in a bar, for a few minutes. I also learned why famous people must hate normal humans, because it’s always the idiots who come and talk to them, and ask them stupid ass questions.

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