Free $#!t on Twitter


This week I learned that you can easily get free stuff on Twitter. Actually, I learned this many moons ago, just this time I learned a different way to do it.

A few years back I started twittering lines to Astroglide. Most of them were stupid and rhymed with Astroglide, but some were funny. They were funny enough to get me a free shirt, from Astroglide (Thanks Astroglide).

The other day I was forced against my will to eat a Bubba Burger. Let me tell you that these things are not actually burgers. The package says “all natural” but they ain’t foolin’ nobody.

Back in high school I thought Bubba Burgers were great, but then I realized I was wrong. I only thought they were any good, because I was on a boat, drunk. Also, my friend would pour beer all over them while cooking them. When I bought them later on and cooked them sober I realized that they were horrible.

So, after being forced to eat Bubba Burgers this past weekend, I stated my opinion on the Twitter and this is what happened.

ferdi tweet

Next, they gave me an email where to reach them for “An offer I can’t refuse.” I told them to send it to my New York address, since I will be moving back there this week.

In my final email I let them know that they are a company with a horrible product, but great customer service.

So, I guess what I learned this week is that sometimes having great customer service is more important than having a great product?

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