The LIPTON, I mean NASDAQ, I mean SONY ERICSSON is back…

sony ericsson


This week I learned that the Lipton started again. I’m sorry I meant the Sony Ericsson. The tennis Tournament by my house that has been called many names since I have been here. First, it was the Lipton. Then, the Nasdaq and Sony Ericsson. I will always call it the Lipton, just as Dolphin stadium will always be known as Joe Robbie to me.

Living on Key Biscayne is awesome, except for these next two weeks. Every march the Lipton comes around and makes living on the key kind of annoying. It brings major traffic, lots of euro-trashers and more South Americans. I guess it’s good for business when all these tourists are around, but it’s annoying to the people who live here.

Now I have to choose the right time to leave and come home. If I choose wrong I will be stuck in an hour of horrible traffic, just to drive what would normally take 5 minutes. Coming home after work is tough, because you can’t really time when the right time is on week days, you just have to hope they aren’t letting people cross the street as you drive in.

I like to go to Winn Dixie and CVS late at night, so I don’t run into people. Now, with all these extra people here, there’s lines, traffic and longer wait times when ordering food. Plus, everything takes longer, because no one speaks English!

I do like the Lipton, when someone gives me free tickets and I get to go, but the years that I don’t get to go I am not a fan. If I don’t get to enjoy it, and have to deal with all the traffic and problems then no one should enjoy it. Maybe I should have voted NO when they asked if I wanted to keep it around.

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