This week I learned what Pinterest is. I’m still not totally sure what it does or what it is for, but I’m pretty confident I know what it is. Pinterest is a place, on the internet, where girls post things they like, want or need.

Basically, Pinterest is a place for girlfriends to drop hints about what they want from their boyfriends (It probably won’t work because most of their boyfriends aren’t on it).

Since joining Pinterest, I have yet to “pin” anything, unless I did so on accident. I have gained followers and I have followed people, but I don’t understand why. I hope to explore it a bit more to answer my many unanswered questions.

This week Pinterest went from 10% males to 10.001% thanks to our Pinterest-specific assignment for class. I am glad we have a woman on our team to answer all of our questions about what one can and cannot do on Pinterest.

I like that I can search for any random topic or category and get back unlimited results. I just searched “Chocolate Squirrel” and over 100 pins came up. I even got one with the top ten Anchorman quotes (The chocolate squirrel quote was not on the poster, however it did get an honorable mention in the description).

I guess if you want to know if your “great new invention” has been invented yet, you use Pinterest (or Google). Let’s say you come up with an invention like “Baby Chicken Sweaters.” Well, now before spending your life savings to produce these tiny sweaters, you can check Pinterest to see if someone has already done this.

Damn! At least five people have already successfully knit “Baby Chicken Sweaters.” My new goal on Pinterest is to come up with a search entry that will come up with Zero pins (other than Porn stuff, because there is no nudity on Pinterest, yet).

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