Life is Stressful


This week I saw Silver Linings Playbook. Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler, I just wanted to let you know what I discovered while watching it. Just from seeing the previews, you will notice that B. Coops is in this film. Also, he is a crazy person. By that I mean he was in a mental institution, and that is all I am going to tell you about the movie. One more thing, it was a great movie and I recommend you go see it.

Now onto my life lesson, watching this movie I realized why people are crazy. Sometimes life can be full of stress and someone can just fall off the wagon. It can happen out of nowhere, or one small thing can trigger something that’s been in the back of your mind forever. It usually isn’t really your fault, some people’s sanity is tested over and over, until finally they snap and just do something insane. When put into that situation, most people would do the same.

I don’t stress over much, but there are two instances that usually stress me out. One is obviously while driving. I mean, I live in Miami, a city full of the worst drivers from every country. I’m not saying I’m a good driver, but I do pay attention to the road, most of the time. The second thing that really stresses me out is video games. Driving and video games bring out the worst in me (you don’t even want to see me while playing a driving video game!).

The other day I was playing my FIFA career. I was the Chelsea manager. Apparently, the X-Box Kinect can hear you when you play, like a spy in your living room. Also, you are supposed to conduct yourself like a decent human being while playing FIFA.

My Chelsea team was on a slump, and after one of my games I received an email about my managers on field conduct. I don’t control the manager, I thought to myself.  After two more games, I received another email. That’s when I realized, they were talking about me. Finally, I was fired as manager of Chelsea FC.

I immediately switched to Madden, because you can say whatever you want. In America coaches and managers say whatever the F**k they want, whether it’s to a player, coach or a referee. Although, cursing at a referee may have some serious consequences.

My Madden game went fine. I got angry, yelled at the TV, scored some virtual touchdowns, but in the end I won and received no emails from the virtual commissioner. I went back to FIFA and started a new season with Chelsea. I am currently working on my behavior while playing video games, at least FIFA. Now in the car, that’s a different stories. If you see me driving behind you don’t be a F&@king @$$h@#$!

Ferdi Rodriguez

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