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The time is now 12:10 AM and it’s Thursday. I have to post a new learning in about 9-10 hours and I have nothing. What should I write about? What have I learned this week? Last weekend I began watching the show LOVE on Netflix, created by Paul Rust and Judd Apatow (and maybe someone else). So far, the show is pretty weird, but also funny and I love Paul Rust and Britta from Community (especially because she is a completely different character in this show). I think I’ve watched 6 of 12-13 episodes and I plan to finish it this weekend.

The problem is that while I started watching this show I am still way behind on my other shows, like the New Girl, the Grinder, Modern Family, a bunch of other Netflix shows, I’m still somewhere in season 3 of Friends, and I’m 3 or 4 weeks behind on SNL. And who’s to say I won’t start season 2 of Gracie and Frankie this weekend, instead of finishing LOVE and my other shows.

I don’t have time for TV and exercise and video games and friends (real life, not the show) anymore. I now have time for either [tv] OR [exercise] OR OR [friends]. I have to choose what I want to do each night, because I only have so many free hours.

One thing I have had time for is the new Kygo album. I’ve been waiting for this guy to make a whole album because I really liked his first few singles. As I said on Twitter yesterday: “I never really listen to Robot-Deep-House-Dish Music, but this new Kygo is Chill as Fuuuuuuuuu…” (or something like that). The album dropped (because albums don’t “Come out” or “Get released” anymore, they DROP!) last Friday (also, now music drops on Friday, not Tuesdays like movies, because Best Buy said so). I didn’t know the album existed until Monday. Since Monday, I’ve listened to the album in its entirety at least 10 times, probably more than that.

The whole album has artists I never heard of on each track, but they all have Kygo’s killer beats and funky mixes with the artists singing. The only artist I did know on the album was John Legend, who sings Happy Birthday. Any song named Happy Birthday is going to be a hit, especially when featuring John Legend. Why will it be a hit? Because everyone has a birthday, and birthday’s are happening every day, and people are sick of the original happy birthday song and are always looking for some new version (The Beatles, 50 Cent, Uncle Luke).

For reals though, this album is super chill as Fuuuuuuuu…. And that’s the only way I can describe it. I plan on listening to it much more, maybe even while running. Definitely while grilling.

Just a few months ago I met Kygo, or I thought I was meeting him. It was just a kid wearing a Kygo hat, but I thought Hey, this Kygo guy isn’t that big of a deal yet, maybe this is really him. He did play along and pretend to be the real Kygo when I asked, “Oh, wait, you’re THE KYGO?” So, I will continue to tell people that I met the REAL KYGO.

Also the new M83 album is real dope. I’ve been listening to that one a lot too. Some of the songs may be weird, but overall the whole album is awesome. Ok goodnight, I’m about to play Kygo on my appleTV and go to sleep.

If you heard the new KYGO album, write a comment telling me if you think it’s “Chill as Fuuuuuuuu…” or not, and if you haven’t listened yet, then go listen. What are you waiting for? I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, but seriously, go listen! Then comment.

*P.S. Please excuse any grammar errors, typos or whatever else is wrong with this. I wrote it when I was tired and even fell asleep somewhere in the middle for a bit with the computer on my chest. 

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