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Last week I learned how to easily get FREE money from food delivery services like Eat24, GrubHub, Delivery Dudes and all the new up-and-comers. These food ubers are taking over the delivery scene. They deliver food from almost any restaurant, including those that don’t deliver themselves — making it that much easier to stay on the couch in sweatpants watching Netflix waiting for the food to come directly to your mouth-hole.

The future is here — now! Back in the day you had to make reservations, dress up in nice clothes and bring your whole crew out for a fancy meal. Now you can order it to literally anywhere, have your friends come over and save on gratuity (Your 15-20% tip just went down to $2 – $5, based on how generous you are).

So, last week I made two orders using two different services. One day Eat24 and the other day a different one. The first day I ordered a breakfast sausage, egg and cheese bagel sandwich and it took almost two hours to get here. Plus, when it arrived they had brought the wrong bagel and a few other wrong things in my order. I opened up the chat on their website and was instantly given a $9 credit for the next time I order from that place. That’s pretty cool, but I will probably have to wait two hours next time again, and hope they get it right. If not it will just be a vicious cycle of FREE $9 orders.

The second order was from some other place and I have no idea what I ordered, but I do remember it taking too long and missing some items. I think this was from the other service, probably GrubHub. I used their chat and they also granted me a credit to my account. Now I have free money food millionaire on both GrubHub and Eat24 (just for this week, unless it happens again and again).

I only complained because it was through an online chat, so it was effortless and I didn’t have to talk to a real person. And both times I received a credit. Now I know that you can just make any complaint up and they will award you with something just to shut you up. There’s no real way for these delivery companies to check if you’re lying. They go through so many orders each day at lunch time, from so many different restaurants, you don’t even have to make an order. Just create a random order number, and they’ll probably say, “Oh we can’t find your order, it must’ve been lost in transit.” BOOM! Free meal!

One last tip I have for you. Don’t try this with Jimmy Johns. Last week my Jimmy Johns order took well over an hour and a half. An order of two sandwiches that has never taken over 21 minutes (I’ve timed each order). It took almost two hours, because of the rain. I instantly tweeted my complaints to the world and I received a phone call from a Jimmy Johns social media manager, who asked me a whole bunch of questions, but gave me nothing.

So, sometimes you waste your time with your complaints. And other times you win and you get free money, but as long as I don’t have to physically talk to someone it’s all good. If you do end up talking to someone who happens to be from a middle eastern country, you always win with free money or gifts. I even got a free Wii U the other day by talking to an online help chat, but that’s a whole different story.
Thanks Rajeev!

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