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Last week Barrack O’Bama finally passed his gun control bill, law or whatever it’s called. I started reading all about it, but there were too many rules, so I quit halfway through (The only guns I own are a Nerf and a BB gun, so this doesn’t apply to me). I bet one of my gun loving friends will tell me all about it real soon. I want to talk about another big problem in our country right now. A problem that may affect way more Americans than guns do each day (just a guess, I did zero research on the subject).

Automobile control is a big issue that not many US presidents have touched on (remember, no research. That’s why I said ‘not many’ instead of ‘not one’). Each day driver’s’ licenses are handed out to young tweens who are guaranteed to text/tweet/snapchat while driving. And it’s not just the tweens, everyone is texting, tweeting and snapchatting while driving. Everyday there are too many accidents on the road. Think of when you’re leaving your home in the morning, and the traffic lady comes on the TV telling you about five different accidents that are going to keep you from getting to work on time. Some people walk away just fine, some injured, but some don’t walk away at all. But why are there so many accidents you ask?

Think about how easy it was to get your driver’s license. They just hand those things out. All you need to do is take a test, a test that has had the same questions for decades. The internet is filled with driver’s license exam questions. Everyone cheated their way into the driver’s seat of a car. I sure did and so did most of my friends.

Over the years, I have become a much safer driver (even though my driver’s license has always claimed me to be a SAFE DRIVER), but I have lots of friends who still drive just as crazy and stupid as they did in high school. Every driver on the road thinks they are always right, and every other driver on the road is wrong, 110% of the time. Think of all the times you’ve almost been in an accident and how many of those times you’ve actually thought, that was my fault, I guess (About ZERO times, it’s always this assholes fault).

I know there are a lot of idiot drivers out there, and not O’Bama, not Marco Rubio, not Hillary, not even Donald Trump is going to do anything about it (I really hope our next president isn’t Donald Trump). This is why I’ve decided as part of my New Year’s resolution I will be more alert and aware on the road. No more texting while driving. Unless I’m at a red light, or stuck in traffic, or if I really have to send this message before I forget whatever dumb thing I just thought of while driving. I will stop Facebook-ing and IMDb-ing while driving, too. That’s just irresponsible.

If we were all a little nicer on the road we could make the world a better place. Next time some idiot wants to get in front of you don’t be a dick, just let them go. You don’t have to let the whole town in front of you, just one car is fine. When someone is rude to you on the road don’t get up their ass about it and give them the finger, instead drive up next to them at a ride light and put your window down and tell them, “I forgive you, for you know not what you do,” and sure, you can finish it off with an ‘asshole’ under your breath. By becoming just a little kinder behind the wheel, you will live a longer and happier life.

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