What BLACK FRIDAY Means To Me.

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There’s a lot of people out there who hate Black Friday and say that it’s ruining Thanksgiving, especially now that Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving Thursday. This is kind of true for the crazies who line up Thursday early morning and afternoon — skipping the turkey, stuffing, pies and all that goodness just to save a few dollars on a new giant TV that they don’t even need.

For me Black Friday is about tradition. One of my best friends only comes to town two times a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the past 4 or 5 years we’ve gone Black Friday shopping together late Thursday night. We both enjoy our family Thanksgiving meals, then once our bellies are full and the families are gone, I drive over to his house and we hit up Best Buy, Target, Sports Authority and whatever is open in Dadeland Mall. His girlfriend is now a part of our Black Friday Crew (BFC) and we will continue doing this until we die or Black Friday is killed off by Thanksgiving-loving hippie-Christians.

What else are you supposed to do after Thanksgiving? You can’t have a good night’s sleep on such a full belly. At least we’re walking around the mall, up and down stairs (Ok, we’re most likely using the elevator, but there are still some stairs involved).

What are we even looking for on Black Friday? We get there so late the doorbusters and super deals are all gone by the time we arrive. That’s fine with me. We’re just looking for cheap video games, movies and maybe some random cool stuff that we wouldn’t normally buy, but hey, it’s on sale (and like really on sale, like well over 50% off!) This year I got a sweet ass Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas sweater (and no it’s not ugly, all Christmas sweaters are created beautifully by Santa’s little helpers).

Of all the things I bought, the best deal of the night was Adele’s newest album, 25, for only $9.99 at Best Buy. You might be thinking, $9.99 is how much new albums cost at Best Buy, and yes, that’s true. However, I know this was the best deal of the night because at Target the album was $12.99, that’s a whole $3 more for the same album on Black Friday? That’s crazy! $3 doesn’t sound like much, but that’s like 30% off of this amazing album. And I now know it’s amazing, because I listened to it 3 times in my car so far.

I bought Adele’s last album, 21, unless there was a 22, 23 and/or 24 in between that I wasn’t aware of. I loved 21, sure the songs are sad sometimes, but that’s only if you really listen to the words. We’ve all read the reviews of 21 and I’m not here to criticize it or anything, I’m going to talk about 25, or better yet about the first song on the album “Hello.”

Who is she talking to in this song? An ex-lover, we know this much, but is the guy dead? But now she regrets not talking to him when he was alive? You had your chance Adele! It’s too late now. The dude is dead and there’s nothing you could do about it. Except write a song about it, so in case he isn’t dead he will hear the song on the radio and finally get your message to him.

She must have called a thousand times. What’s the time table on these phone calls? Was it 1,000 in a year? A month? A week? SInce they broke up? 1,000 phone calls is a whole heap, that’s an expensive phone bill. I didn’t even talk to my mom that many times when I was away in college, and I talked to her almost every day. In one year that would still be around 3 phone calls a day. In a month, 33 times a day. That’s more than one call each hour. Did she leave messages? I’m sure she filled up his voicemail box real fast.

What I get from the song, “Hello,” is that Adele may be a crazy stalker of ex-lovers. It’s ok Adele, I still love you and your music. You have a wonderful singing voice. From Adele’s laugh alone you can tell that she would be a little nutty. She laughs like an evil stalker, but in a fun way (like those bad guys in movies who are laughing with you one second and then BOOM! Punch to the face).

I haven’t analyzed any of the other songs from the album 25, but I hope she keeps the music coming. I’ll keep buying your albums Adele, especially when they come out near Black Friday.

If you don’t know the song “Hello” or Adele, you can learn more here… Adele – Hello

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