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Hi friends (and strangers who have stumbled upon this wonderful world of knowledge), It’s been awhile since my last learning. A few months. That doesn’t mean I haven’t learned anything in those months. I have been learning a whole heap (as usual, my brain is like a sponge), and I’ve even written some of it down. I still have to finish putting these new learnings together so that I could start posting them weekly (or bi-weekly) once again. Sometimes life gets in the way of things, but here are a few speed learnings that I found in my iPhones Notes and quickly wrote for you to enjoy.


One thing I learned a few months back is that there is a Harry Potter-themed indie music scene. Like a whole scene. There are bands. Not just one band, but many who are dedicated to making wonderful music inspired by J.K. Rowling’s fantastical world of Harry Potter. Of all the Harry Potter-themed bands I’ve heard, my favorite was Harry and the Potters, which if you are a fan of the books, movies or just a fan of the strange snacks and toys you can find in Diagon Alley at Universal you should give them a listen. The music of Harry and the Potters goes through the story of Harry Potter, but in a quick way. It’s a good way to catch up if you don’t like reading or watching movies, but if you don’t like reading or watching movies then you are probably a horrible person.  

Here are some other bands with fun Harry Potter names: Draco and the Malfoys (because why wouldn’t they be called that), The Remus Lupins, The Whomping Willows, Ministry of Magic, The Weasel King, The Butterbeer Experience, Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, The Moaning Myrtles, The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, RiddleTM, The Parselmouths. Check out the endless list yourself. Get on your Spotify or Apple Music and search for any of these bands. Then, click related artists to find a whole new world of Harry Potter.


This second learning also has to do with music — Apple Music. Anytime I try to give it a chance the same thing goes wrong. Either I’m driving or about to go running and I think, Hey, let’s give this Apple Music a shot. I search through their strange search engine for a band I want to listen to. I find an album (because I don’t know how to shuffle ALL THE MUSIC), and hit play on whatever song. Next, the song begins to play but I hear no sound, or the song just freezes and there is no sound. My final step in this process of testing Apple Music is closing the app and jumping on to Spotify which works every time, 110% of the time.

Apple Music can learn a thing or two from Spotify. Like how to make the music play, when I push play.


This third and last learning for today is something I’ve always known, but I realized how stupid it is the other day. Why does every printer use a different type of ink? Can all the printer companies have a convention to decide on a few universal ink cartridges for printers? I understand that some printers are color and some are only black and white. Some are made for home and some are made for offices that are printing nonstop every day. Even if each company decided to make their universal cartridges for black and white or color for homes, and special ones for offices, that would make it that much easier when you need ink. It’s such a pain any time I need printer ink I have to look up my printers name, or search for the cartridge model. It should be as simple as “Hi, I have an HP home printer.” Then they ask if it’s black and white or color, and you answer, “black and white,” and they hand you the cartridge and you leave. First, you have to pay, but in an ideal world with universal printer cartridges they would also be free.
So, those are three small things I learned. Or one thing I discovered and was very excited about. Another thing I’m not happy about and something I already knew, but I just thought about how stupid it is. Enjoy your week. And I hope to share some new knowledge next week.

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