Two Week Break? (GoT)



This weekend I learned that there will be no new Game of Thrones this Sunday. I have to wait two weeks for the next Game of Thrones episode (Thanks Memorial Day weekend!). The problem I have with this is that I forget everything that happens on Game of Thrones, and by giving me more time between episodes that gives me more time to forget important things going on.

I just remembered on Monday that “The Hound” and “The Mountain” are brothers. I only remembered this because I saw an info-graphic online that shows all the characters relations on Game of Thrones. We were watching the show at a friends house and they were like “It’s the Mountain,” and I just said “Cool!” but I had no idea what that meant (until the next day!).

Game of Thrones is one of the most confusing shows I have ever watched. I probably have no idea what is going on, even though I think I know a little bit. However, I still love this show, and will continue watching. Even if I hated this show, I would keep watching it just so that the internet wouldn’t ruin it for me every Monday.

Most times while watching this show I feel like Jon Snow, because I know nothing (also, because If I lived in the realm of Game of Thrones I would be known as “Ferdi Snow” since I was born a bastard).

If you watch Game of Thrones you have to watch it Sunday night, or you have to stay off the internet, because Game of Thrones is everyone’s favorite thing to talk about on Monday. If you are waiting for the season or series to end, so you can binge watch the whole thing, then please do yourself a favor and go live in a cave, with no internet.

I have decided to buy the books when I get my next B&N online coupon. I will attempt to read as many books as I can and maybe re-watch the seasons over the break (before season 4 or 5 or whatever comes next?). I will become a Game of Thrones expert before the next season starts, or I shall die trying!


(If you are also having problems understanding what is going on on Game of Thrones, watch the video below. It is funny, but it will help you remember some of the things that happened in Seasons 1-3…)

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