Thursday or Friday?


Today I learned that it is actually Thursday, and not Friday. I woke up this morning thinking today was Friday. I was excited, knowing that I could sleep until I wake up tomorrow. Wrong! I woke up thinking, Hey, I haven’t gone to happy hour in a while, maybe today I’ll ask my friends if they want to go drink some brewskis after work? I was wrong, because today is Thursday, and not Friday.

This happens to me quite a bit. I wake up thinking it is one day when it is actually a totally different day. When I wake up thinking it’s a day earlier that is always a good thing. Aw man it’s only Wednesday, actually it’s Thursday! (This may happen after a long weekend, when I am confused because I had Monday off). 

Imagine waking up believing it is Monday, when it’s really Friday. You would have to be crazy for this to happen (or maybe you just don’t own a calendar or a cell phone with a calendar on it), but if it did happen that would probably end up being the best day of your life.

I was excited for a possible Bro’s Lunch Party, which usually goes down on Fridays, with my two bros, Lucas & Worms (and sometimes Ricky Rey). Now, that will have to wait until tomorrow (and it may not even happen at all). Bro Lunch Parties are what I look forward to on Fridays. 

So, it is Thursday. I guess it could be worse, it could be Wednesday, or Tuesday, or even MONDAY! I guess Thursday isn’t so bad. I get to watch Parks and Rec and Community (unless they aren’t new tonight). I also get to go to sleep knowing that tomorrow when I wake up it will indeed be FRIDAY (and I will be able to do the Friday things that I wanted to do today)! 

I’ll probably just go to work tomorrow, then come home and watch TV, like most Fridays.

…and now this:

(click to watch video)

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