Way Behind


This week I learned that I am way behind in life. By that I mean, my friends are getting their life together, doing big things, getting married and I’m still stuck in school figuring my life out. I’ve known this for a while, but yesterday it really hit me (I’ll get to the actual event where it hit me in a bit).

I have friends who are married and engaged. Last year, I went to my good friend’s wedding. It didn’t hit me there, because she’s a girl. Girl’s get married before boys, it’s math. Girls usually marry older dudes, which means I still have time (I think).

One of my best friends just got married. My first close, dude friend to get married. Now I feel the pressure. My best friend is married. This now makes me the “single friend.” I can still hang out with them, but not as much as before. I have to call before I just show up to their home.

I was at school yesterday and I sent my newly married friend a message to see what he was up to later. He answered with, “Oh I’m just gonna go to the Grove to watch two people get engaged. What you gonnna do?”

My answer was not as cool as it should’ve been, “Oh sweet, I gotta go to Target and get a Nerf gun after class.” Everyone knows that Nerf guns are awesome, but this was the moment I realized I am way behind. People are getting married, and I’m still playing with Nerf guns (On an unrelated note, it only took me about two minutes to lose the first flying disc from my Nerf gun. Why is it so easy to lose those things?).

The good thing about this advertising career is that I won’t ever have to grow up. I can play with Nerf guns and video games until I die. Hopefully, I will find a girl who lets me stay a kid and loves me for who I am (If not, whatever…).

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