Hard Workers vs Lazy Asses

I’m constantly working on multiple projects in my mind — Writing projects, Drawing projects. Arts and design projects, Music projects, Voice Over projects… My brain is always juggling too many ideas at any given moment.

My problem has always been choosing one thing to work on at a time. It’s hard for me to stick to one solo project when it consumes a great deal of time. While working on the one project I’m thinking of the several ones I’m currently not working on. I guess I have the same problem with the shows I choose to watch and the games I choose to play (I juggle those too).

I recently thought about how many times I’ve heard people call their friends or coworkers “Hard working.” However, I’ve never heard anyone use that term when referring to themselves. I guess if I did hear someone say, “Hi, I’m Greg and I’m a hard worker” I would think Greg was a liar and an idiot too.

I have a theory that everyone thinks they can be doing more than they are currently doing (at least I hope that’s true, because I feel like that most of the time). I’m pretty sure that everyone feels some kind of lazy, sometimes. No matter how “hard” you work, you will always feel that there is more you should be doing. You will always know someone who seems to be doing much, much more than you.

It’s the same idea as when someone calls you “old.” You may think, “Well sure I’m older than you, but I’m not as old as, uh, let’s say, Greg.” (Seriously Greg sucks!) Unless you are the oldest person on the planet (and that is only one person), there will always be someone who is older than you.

So, yeah. I believe that everyone thinks they are somewhat lazy. I would say maybe there’s a handful of Gregs out there who would call themselves “hard working.” (Once again, Greg sucks!) I guess some people have said that in an interview setting. Most people who say they are hard workers in an interview are usually lying, or don’t truly believe themselves.

Professional athletes are allowed to call themselves hard workers. But that’s pretty much it. I’d like to think that anyone else who isn’t at the pro athlete level in their job is somewhat of a lazy butt.

If you feel like a lazy sometimes let me know in the comments. I would like to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way. Also, if you’re a Greg who thinks of yourself as a hard worker and you are not a pro athlete, let me know in the comments too (I would like to know which of my readers are psychos)…

*Sorry to any Gregs out there. It was just a random name I chose since I don’t really know any Gregs in real life.

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