Another Non-Learning

FL title

Hi World,

I’ve been busy the last few weeks making ice creams and drawings and playing Madden, trying out Overwatch when it was Free for the weekend, then buying Overwatch when it was on sale this week. So, now I have no learning for you to read (that’s fine though, you can get your work done instead and go enjoy your weekend sooner).

I do have 3 Learning concepts in the works and hope to finish writing all three in the next two weeks. Did you hear that? If you’re lucky you’ll receive 3 new learnings in just 2 weeks…

What? That’s like 1.5 learnings each week! That’s fantastical!
Stay tuned for more.

If you’re missing the learnings I have the perfect remedy for you… Ferdi’s Ice Cream and Nana Pudding!

Buy my ice cream!



See you later or see you never…

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