Video games and violence 



I always hear these crazy theories about video games leading to violence, but I never believed them (until NOW). I am starting to believe that these theories may be right. I don’t think it’s games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and other games that let you kill people or things, I believe the violence is caused by games like Candy Crush Saga. 

In shooter games you may get angry but you take it out on the virtual people in the game. In games like Candy Crush you get stuck on a level for nine months, and you can’t do anything but play that level (over and over again). You keep losing and losing and you start to feel that you will never beat it, you’re going to be a failure at level 31 for your entire life. You have nothing else to do in that game, no way to use that anger and frustration. 

All you can do is keep replaying that same level as a reminder of your failure. So you take your anger out on the real world. You scream at your family and friends. Punch a stranger in the face who just beat level 31 in front of you. Maybe you go out and do something terrible. All because you were stuck on this stupid level. 

So, guess what News People you were kind of right about the video game/violence correlation, but you were looking at the wrong games (or at least I think so).

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