I’m Graduating (¿what the pixel?)


This week I learned… What the crap? I just graduated from Miami Ad School yesterday… (Friday) so congratulations to me, and my other friends who graduated.

Ok, I knew this was gonna happen for a while, but graduation is kind of a big deal at MAS. You’re supposed to go up and give a presentation about what you learned, show your work or just talk crap for 3-5 minutes.

Since I’m in New York now for an internship, I was supposed to graduate and give my presentation at the Brooklyn school, but ain’t nobody got time fo that (that line is so 10 weeks ago…).

I decided I wasn’t going to go to the Brooklyn school for graduation, because it doesn’t feel like my school. I’ve been in New York for two quarters of my time at MAS, but I have only been to the school in Brooklyn about 3-5 times (for a class that ended up getting cancelled halfway thorough the quarter).

I spent 1 & a half years at the school in Miami (and 27 years of living in Miami). So, the Miami Ad School in Miami is “my school!”

I knew I wouldn’t make it back to Miami by 6pm on Friday, especially since it was our last official day at Razorfish (it looks like next Friday will be our non-official last day). I wanted to find a way to be in Miami for graduation with my friends. This is what I came up with (well me and Rei Roc):

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